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Posted by: Mad Dog Mike, July 17, 2017, 2:10pm
8) Another great day on the water- winds were light coming from the west for the entire day. Starting from Golden Beach camping area on the east side of South Bay, icebreaker and yours truly started with the normal paddle around Long Point to Woods Point (where we were almost run over by 7 year old's navigating sailboats) , and stoping at Tioga Point. Rather than going past Needle Island  we paddled along the south shore of Indian Point, called "The Crags". This took us into Beaver Bay and an inlet to the lake. We we continued exploring the inlet over a couple of small Beaver dams  and until we could see Sucker Brook Bay just southwest of Hen and Chickens Islands. It appeared one could paddle into Sucker Brook Bay if we carried over a larger beaver dam (and probably down a couple of beaver dams). Too lazy to get out of our craft, we turned around and paddled along the shore going south. There were a handful of state campsites we never knew existed on Clarks Point, together with a couple of lean toos. We continued along the shore into Lonesome Bay and then a short stop on the west side of Big Island. Paddling on the north side of Big Island and then into the slot between Big Island and Long Point. we arrived at Golden Beach campsite after about four hours of paddling. Another beautiful day on the water.
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